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about Randeep Singh the wildlife photographer.
Arshdeep Singh - Wildlife Photographer

Born in the year 2007, Arshdeep Singh is a well known young wildlife photographer from Jalandhar, INDIA. He recently won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018 (10yrs and under at world level), Young Comedy Wildlife of the Year 2018 (under 16 years), Young Asian Wildlife Photographer of the Award (under 18 years), all the three being the top wildlife awards. He ventured into the field of nature and wildlife photography since 2012. He is passionate about birds photography. He travels with his father Randeep Singh, who is a well known photographer from India. He has been to most of the national parks within India. For him, wildlife photography is not only a passion but he also aim to preserve nature and wildlife.

His work has been showcased in national and international publications such as Lonely Planet UK, Lonely Planet Germany, Lonely Planet India, BBC Wildlife UK etc.

“I learn everyday, learning helps me become a better photographer every day”
- Arshdeep Singh.